Chorus 11X Front Mech 2014

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Warning: Not compatible with post 2014 groupsets.

This system is fast, responsive, and precise, and the chain shifts across chainrings without hesitation. The Chorus 11x front derailleur, like all the others in the range, are compatible with standard and Compact crank sets and the Compact.

The geometry of the fork and the movement of the front plate have been designed and optimised to obtain maximum performance when used with the other Campagnolo Chorus components.

Technical Specifications:

  • For double standard and CT crankset
  • Max tooth difference 16T
  • Max chainring size 54T
  • Min chainring size 34T
  • Light alloy fork with antifriction treatment
  • M-brace body
  • Even-O clamp
  • Z-shape lower cage
  • Weight: 76g