EPS Chorus Ergopowers

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Campagnolos' new Chorus EPS range offers more than just your stnadard benefits of upgrading from your mechanical groupset. It gives the rider superb ergonomics, simplicity, comfort and safety no matter what your preferred riding position. A single click of the controls and you're headed to a whole new riding experience.

The performance factor is improved as both front and rear derailleurs are controlled with a smiple click. Minimum effort, maximum performance. Ergonomics have been improved even further by customizing the 2nd lever to a position easily reachable from any hand position. Shifting with your thumb is even easier from either the hoods or from the drops.

  • One lever-One actio Campagnolo control sets remain in their EPS sets. Lever 1 operates the brake while levers 2(downshift) and 3 (upshift) operate the rear and front derailleurs. * Everyone knows Campagnolos mechanical controls are universally recognised as having the best ergonomics in the bycicle world. Campagnolo haven't just settled for being the best with their EPS levers and have made lever 2 lower than before and specifically shaped to be even more easily accesible no mattwer what your riding position.
  • Multi-Dome Technology lets the rider feel more in-tune with the bike than ever before by being able to feel every shift, whether it be on the front or rear derailleur. This has been rigorously tested by professional and amateur riders alike to optimise the operating force.
  • Waterproof EPS group set provides confidence even in the wettest of conditions.