EPS Chorus Rear Mech

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Compatible with Athena EPS Groupsets and Chorus EPS Groupsets.

Aluminium, carbon fibre, high technology and design. The Chorus EPS™ 11 speed rear derailleur is the product of exactly the same project which spawned the Campagnolo's range topping EPS™ groupsets. And it has inherited the same class-beating performance.

HIGH TORQUE, HIGH DRIVE RATIO MOTORS Campagnolo has used the world's best electric motors for this application. These units ensure effective shifting even under strain, deliver the same performance time after time and make extremely fast, precise shifts possible.

EXCLUSIVE MULTI-SHIFTING SYSTEM Lets the rider shift up or down by up to 11 sprockets in a single action!

FRONT PLATE AND CAGE IN ALUMINIUM For lightness and superlative stiffness. For fast, precise shifts even under strain.

EXCLUSIVE "UNLOCK SYSTEM™" The manual release system lets the user position the rear derailleur and chain on the desired sprocket in the event of a drivetrain malfunction. The release system also prevents damage to the unit in a fall.

UPPER AND LOWER BODY IN MONOLITHIC CARBON POWDER TECHNOPOLYMER For maximum lightness and superlative stiffness.

POSITION SENSOR The "Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver™" ensures that the rear derailleur always moves the chain into the ideal position for the selected sprocket.

100% WATERPROOF All the components of the rear derailleur are built to operate in any weather conditions in compliance with the IP67 standard.

EXCLUSIVE ULTRA-SHIFT™ PARALLELOGRAM GEOMETRY Maximum rigidity, fast actuation and reduced friction.

SPECIAL T.I.N. TREATMENT Specially developed treatment for titanium components to ensure the highest performance and precision for the life of the product.