Moon X-Power 1300 Front Light

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The Moon X-Power 1300 is a high powered 1300 Lumens front light with 2 CREE XM-L LEDs and a precision optical lens. With 7 modes you are able to choose the correct mode for the conditions you are riding in, from Over drive (1300 Lumens) perfect for blasting through the woods to low (300 Lumens) to help you get home from that long ride however need to conserve battery. You can keep up to date with the power of your battery through the low battery indicator which is situated on the battery. the Light comes supplied with a Quick Release handlebar mount and also a QR helmet mount which provides a much more focused and direct light path as where ever you turn your head the light will be right with you. The Rubber silicone handlebar strap allows you to mount the light to handle bars with a diameter from 22 - 31.8mm and will be able to fit round some aero shaped bars (check before purchase). The light also features an over heating protection system which allows heat to escape from the light without damaging any of the internals. The battery takes only 2.5 hours to charge and can last from 2 hours (OverDrive) and 9 hours 40 mins (Low setting). Wanting to see much more when riding at night? then the Moon X-Power 950 is the one for you.