Moon X-Power 1800 Front Light

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The Moon X-Power 1800 is a trail ready high powered front light which is ideal for the night time trail shredder. The high brightness LED's heat up the aluminium body whilst operating. Moon have built an efficient cooling system to increase runtimes and the brightness of the LED from 15% - 30%. Crucially to reduce the heat generated by the LED's the X-Power 1800 is designed with an aluminium body and equipped with air venting. Working alongside this the X-Power 1800 will detect if it is running without adequate airflow. A protection device will automatically start to dim the light to standard brightness mode. This reduces the heat of the light and ensures the LED's are not damaged due to overheating. The light has been supplied with a super handy remote switch, which allows you to run through the different light settings whilst on the go. ideal when riding into lit up areas and towns. The 4 CREE LED's with the precision optics make for an unmissable light. The battery takes around 5 hours to take full charge and can last from 8 hours (low) to 1 hour 40 minutes on its full 1800 Lumen setting. Supplied with both a Quick Release Handlebar mount and a Quick Release helmet mount you can choose where you want the light. The battery includes some protection tape so that it doesn't mark or damage your frame. The battery also comes with an extension cable which allows you to mount the battery on your bike, helmet or in your back pack. Overall this high powered head light will guide you through your favourite trails as if it was the daytime.