SKS Mud-X Downtube Front Mudguard

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Introducing the SKS Mud-X mudguard. This is a great addition to your bike and does not add weight nor give an ugly finish. The Mud-X adds a stylish appearance but is also practical in the fact that it stops a majority of water or mud from being flicked from your front wheel into your face. To avoid any scratches to your frame there is a foamed rubber pad which fits along the groove of the guard to protect the under side of the down tube, the fastening loops are also made from the foamed rubber, so that if there is movement it eliminates the chances of scratches. It can be quite dangerous riding trails wet with no mudguards due to the high possibility of your visibility getting impaired, so if you are finding yourself liking the muddier trails then or eve riding home from work and its been raining all day, then this is the ideal product for you.