Sup Rec/Rec EPS Power Unit V2

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The new design allows for INTERNAL mounting which not only offers the obvious aerodynamic benefits associated with hiding a component inside the frame but also keeps the unit protected from the elements and impact.

The new EPS™ V2 Power Unit is an improvement with regards to aerodynamics, versatility, durability and protection but also plays a pivotal role in an aspect that is not to be overlooked; aesthetics.

The new EPS™ V2 Power Unit gives the cyclist the possibility to use the most advanced groupset while maintaining sleekest look to his or her ride.

The brain of the system.

The EPS™ Power Unit™ is much more than just a battery. Its housing contains all the electronics of the EPS™ drivetrain, the system memory input/output gates and the battery charger plug.

This design choice benefits both the reliability and the performance of the system, which is also upgradeable.


EXTERNAL OR INTERNAL MOUNTING: the new cylindrical format allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions, all of which confer an aerodynamic dvantage.

SPECIALLY DEVELOPED INTERNAL CASING DESIGNED TO ABSORB ROAD VIBRATIONS AND IMPACT: for maximum protection of the battery and electronic components on even the worst road surfaces.

CASING WITH ULTRASONICALLY WELDED SEAMS: makes the system 100% waterproof

INPUT/OUTPUT GATES for charging the battery and, when necessary, diagnosing the system and updating the firmware and Eeprom.

STRONG DTI™ DIGITAL TECH INTELLIGENCE: the digital brain of the EPS™ drivetrain. DTI monitors and checks the battery, transmits and receives signals to and from the interface and controls and monitors the functions of the rear and front derailleur. The unit also checks for system faults, warning the user when necessary via an RGB LED and a buzzer.

  • Weight: 130g

Technical Specifications

Fireproof technopolymer, waterproof (IP67) - 3 cell Lithium-Ion 12 V rechargeable battery - DTI™ Digital Tech Intelligence Eeprom board - data input/output port and battery charger - system shutdown magnet.