Record 11X Rear Mech

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Warning: Not compatible with pre 2015 Groupsets

It's the heart and soul of the Record ™ 11s drivetrain! The Record™ rear derailleur has always evoked competitions and wins, and still today represents for professional racers the certainty of fast and extremely precise shifting, even under load. But you don't have to be a pro to take advantage of the performance features of the Record™ 11-speed: the fun is for all.

The new shape of the external components allows the rear derailleur to move efficiently to give maximum performance at any angle. A new internal design keeps the chain closer to the cassette to ensure better power transmission, and a more positive drive, whilst allowing the component to move along a trajectory that perfectly follows the curve of the sprockets, on both the 11-23 cassette and the new 11-29. A better chain/sprocket interface also gives greater durability of components.

UPPER AND LOWER BODY IN MONOLITHIC TECHNOPOLYMER WITH CARBON POWDER: Maximum lightness yet still resistance to knocks and the elements

CARBON FIBER CAGE PLATE: Shifting positioning is exceedingly precise - extremely light.

CARBON FIBER PARALLELOGRAM, AND EXCLUSIVE ULTRA-SHIFT‚Ñ¢ GEOMETRY: Maximum shifting rigidity, fast actuation, precision, friction reduction.

CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS: Very smooth, reduces friction, prolongs life and shifting performance.

ALUMINUM FIXING BOLT: The new two-part system is 53% lighter than steel and 22% lighter than titanium, without compromising resistance and rigidity levels and prolonging component life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Upper to lower pulley-axle: 55 mm
  • Composite outer plate
  • Ultra light 2 part hanger bolt
  • Parallelogram with 11x geometry
  • Carbon fibre forged aluminium upper and lower body
  • Metal-carbon cage
  • Lightened special rubber pulleys
  • Bottom pulley with ceramic bearings
  • Weight 170g