Magura MT Sport
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Magura MT Sport

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MT SPORT, 2-finger Carbotecture lever blade

Suitable for mounting left or right, 2,200 mm tubing length, single brake

Your entry into the MAGURA MT world. It has all of the high-tech features of German engineering skill, such as lightweight Carbotecture® components and the improved MAGURA Disctube cable for safe stopping on tour and in the city. 

  • YOUR ENTRY INTO THE MT FAMILY - The MT Sport is your entry into the MT product family. The Carbotecture brake master reduces the overall weight and the rigid Disctube brake cable ensures maximum braking force.
  • This means that the MT Sport can be used in many different ways, such as cross-country, tours or city use.
  • ONE-PART BRAKE CALIPER AND CARBOTECTURE® - The MT Sport is equipped with a comfortable 2-finger Carbotecture® lever blade. As with all MAGURA brakes, the blade of the MT Sport can also be exchanged to adapt the appearance to individual requirements.

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