Mountain Bikes

Ride On: Dirt, rocky trails or gravel roads. Slow on pavement.

Tyres: Smaller, heavier wheels with larger treads.

Features: Suspension, better braking, lower range of gears.

Hardtail Bikes: Lighter. Versatile for both pavement and trails.

Full Suspension Bikes: Heavier, great for jumps and drops.

Ideal For: Nature lovers and risk takers.  

Road Bikes

Ride On: Pavement.

Tyres: Narrow, smooth and high pressured.

Features: Range of gear combos, light-weight, carbon fibre, titanium, steel or aluminium frames, built for speed.

Drop-bar Handlebars: Faster, light-weight and aerodynamic. For experienced roadies and racers.

Ideal For: Anyone! Casual riders to serious racers.

Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bikes

Ride On: Pavement and track.

Tyres: Light, thin and hard tyres.

Features: Only one gear, low maintenance and simple.

Ideal For: Anyone who wants low maintenance, city speed thrills, simplicity and style.



Hybrid Bikes

Ride On: Anything from pavements and grass to packed trails.

Tyres: Thinner than mountain bikes and thicker than road bikes with durable, all-weather type treads.

Features: Comfy seats, upright riding position, sometimes with suspension.

Ideal For: Commuters, leisure riders.




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