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Continental GatorHardshell Road Tyre

Continental GatorHardshell Road Tyre

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Aimed at hardcore fast commuters who need the speed of a race commuter tyre (i.e. Gatorskin or Grand Prix) but bulked out to provide a tougher cross section in case of that unseen pot-hole or scuffed sidewall on the curbs. Using a new type of casing design which folds three times from bead to bead to form a 3 ply sidewall (usually 2 ply). Duraskin is an extremely durable polyamide mesh that protects the extra-fine, high performance casing from cuts, punctures and abrasion. Adding less than 10g per tyre, Duraskin has a very high strength to weight ratio meaning that cyclists benefit from superb anti tear protection whilst still experiencing lightweight performance from their tyres. Extra tread rubber / Longer mileage. Continental uses polyester as a breaker material and rely on our experience in car tyres to utilize this material to the maximum benefits in cycle tyres. The advantages lie in the additional crossing of the individual fabric weaves in manufacturing, giving a densely woven seal with minimal space between the threads - result, Poly-X is very resistant to foreign objects without increasing the rolling resistance of the tyre.

Road - Commuting/Training/Sportive
Wheel size
Quality German made natural rubber tread
23-622, 25-622 or 28-622
Recommended Pressure
23c -110 PSI, 25c and 28c - 95 PSI
Max Pressure
120 PSI
Hardshell, Duraskin and Poly-X breaker (see above for details)
23c - 250g, 25c - 330g and 28c - 410g
For Clincher Rims

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