ZEFAL Profil Max Fp30 with Gauge

ZEFAL Profil Max Fp30 with Gauge

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Essential in your workshop, the Profil Max FP30 is a floor pump with an easy-to-read pressure gauge featuring an integrated lens. The Z-Switch system is universal and fits all valve types.

Z-Switch System: Easy change from Presta to Schrader or Dunlop via a simple switch.

Gauge with Magnifying Lens: Easier gauge reading.

  • Pressure: 11 bar / 160psi
  • Barrel: Steel
  • Base: Composite
  • Handle: Technopolymer
  • Connection: Z-Switch
  • Hose Length: 1100mm
  • Height: 660mm
  • Gauge: 63mm
  • Weight: 1,3kg
  • Accessories: Ball and bladder heads

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