6 Awesome Reasons Why Cycling Is Great For Your Health!

While sitting on the couch eating butter with your fingers for a lifetime may be an attractive prospect for some, most people recognise exercise is good and a necessary endeavour that helps stave off a whole host of health issues. Any exercise you can work into your schedule is always a plus but we’re here to talk about cycling. Whether you’re nine or 90, cycling is one of the best all-round exercises that has health benefits beyond your wildest dreams!

Boost brain power

Did anyone see our recent Facebook post explaining how cycling has helped sufferers of Parkinson’s disease alleviate their debilitating symptoms? Check it out, it’s great! Additionally,  a study conducted by Charles Hillman back in 2007 showed that exercise boosts brainpower and helps to ward off Alzheimer’s in elderly people. In the same year, Dr. Phil Tomporowski proved how kids are even more positively impacted by time spent cycling —and that exercise can help control issues like ADD.

Cycling is good for your muscles

Riding a bike is great for toning and building your muscles, especially in the lower half of the body – your calves, your thighs, and your rear end. It's also a great low-impact mode of exercise for those with joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips, which might keep them from being active.

Rehabilitate injuries

Speaking of joint conditions, a recent study found that elderly patients with joint pain and osteoarthritis actually improved their ailments when cycling was introduced to their routines. You’re never too old to get on the bike either! 105 year old Frenchman, Robert Marchand recently put that notion to bed by cycling more than 14 miles in just an hour! As we get older, taking time to exercise—even just spinning a few minutes a day—can be hugely beneficial.

Improve the condition of your heart

Cycling is also great for your ticker! A study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise spent five years looking at the activity of 1,500 subjects. Those who were active on a daily basis were 31-percent less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Lose that troublesome fat

It’s no surprise that weight loss is one of the more desirable benefits of regular cycling and a big reason many take part in it altogether. Yet, while some could be forgiven for thinking that diet is the only way to shed unwanted fat, science is proving otherwise. It’s certainly true that older, diabetic women can only lose visceral fat if exercise, alongside diet, is introduced into their routine. The same is applicable to younger women too.

Feel all-round fantastic

Exercise in general can help to improve your self-esteem, fact. Take note the next time you partake in a bike ride of how awesome you feel afterwards.  In response to exercise, your body will release a whole bunch of feel-great hormones that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

So there you have it. Six reasons why cycling is one of the best forms of exercise to help manage and avoid serious health issues. We could go on all day, but we’ve got bikes to ride and health benefits to accumulate!

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