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The Se Flyer seat is one of the original and most popular saddles for wheelie bikes and stunt or freestyle use. They have been hard to come by in UK for a while with long waits between stock drops.

So with this in mind we are pleased to announce we have a HUGE restock of the awesome SE Bikes Flyer Seat. These also come along with a range of the SE Bikes parts and accessories range. We have the Super Big Honkin Bars back in stock, we also have SE Bikes pedals and stems.

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Here at Bike Shack we are excited to bring you the SE Bikes 2019 range! SE Bikes have been building quality BMXs since the 70s in California and their 2019 range looks as fresh as ever. The 2019 range of SE Bikes will be released in four drops, the first of which is next week!   1st Drop: BLOCKS FLYER 26” – CAMO BLOCKS FLYER 26” – BLACK BLOCKS FLYER 26” – YELLOW DBLOCKS BIG RIPPER 29” – CAMO DOGTOWN BIG RIPPER 29” – YELLOW BEASTMODE 27.5” – SILVER OM-DURO 27.5” – SILVER SPARKLE OM FLYER 26” – ELECTRIC BLUE...

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