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The Se Flyer seat is one of the original and most popular saddles for wheelie bikes and stunt or freestyle use. They have been hard to come by in UK for a while with long waits between stock drops.

So with this in mind we are pleased to announce we have a HUGE restock of the awesome SE Bikes Flyer Seat. These also come along with a range of the SE Bikes parts and accessories range. We have the Super Big Honkin Bars back in stock, we also have SE Bikes pedals and stems.

The SE Bikes Flyer Seat comes in three colours, all with the SE Bikes Wing logo on the back and the SE Bikes lightning logo running down the side of the Flyer saddle.

SE Bikes have also released some new accessories for this year, one of the most exciting being the selection of pegs in custom metallic colours so you can customize your bike with all the right details! After all, everyone loves a tricked out bike and it’s the details that set you apart!

The SE Bikes Flyer saddle comes in black, blue or red and retails for £35. It is a standard railed saddle and should fit most bikes. The Flyer seat also features a handy bottle opener underneath for those mid-ride refreshments! SE Bikes have been killing it in the bikelife/wheelie scene for a long time now and this is one of their flagship items, its like a piece of SE bikelife history.

The SE Bikes 2021 parts and bike range are in store and on our website now, so pop in to get a better look or place an order online. They won’t be around forever so don’t hang about!

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