Catching Up With The Commuters

Before we kick off our blog series on commuter cycling, we thought we’d introduce you to five of our typical customers to find out who they are and about their cycling interests.... Meet the guys and you never know, you might even recognise a few of them!



A quick glance at Mike will have you thinking he’s taken a detour de France. Often wearing Team Sky sponsored jerseys and pretty much every type of cycling paraphernalia short of go-faster stripes, Mike’s got all the gear and a questionable idea of whether it’s all necessary. We're not complaining though Mike, keep on shopping!

Age - 52

Bike - Genesis Datum 20

Interested in - Cycling accessories, time trial racing, cycling magazines and fitness

Brands - Rapha, Bernard, Giro, Eddie Merckx



Karen is by no means a pro cyclist but loves to get on her bike as much as she can to keep fit and healthy. Always keen to learn more about cycling and particularly her own bike, she participates in community cycling events and local charity rides. Her enthusiasm for cycling is shared by her two young children who accompany her to the shop while she asks us a never ending list of questions (which we're always happy to answer of course!)

Age - 39

Bike - Ridgeback Element Womens Open Frame

Interested in - Community cycling, scenic cycling, fitness

Brands - Ridgeback, John Lewis, M&S, Altura, Topeak, Proviz, Giro, Bobbin



Lukas is a bit of a road rebel and the type to go through red lights for fun. Often seen overtaking buses and slaloming through oncoming traffic, speed is key for Lukas. Despite his lack of consideration for other cyclists and motorists, it must be said, he’s a pretty slick rider and he knows it!

Age - 31

Bike - Cinelli Mash (custom)

Interested in - Fixed gear bikes, Alleycats, Criterium racing, Critical Mass, Track racing,  Heavy metal  

Brands - Mash SF, Cinelli, H PLUS SON, Paul Components, Sugino, YNOT, SIS



Tyrone's got a pretty old bike which is often in need of repairs and tlc. Whilst his bike knowledge is poor at best, he does spend a considerable amount of time on it so is often at the shop trying to blag free servicing and cycling accessories. Ever the joker, Tyrone suggested he might learn to pump up his own tyres someday.

Age - 24

Bike - Raleigh Firefly

Interested in - Reggae, video games, football

Brands - Nike, Adidas, FUBU



Cool, young and free spirited. While you might fear her dress getting caught in the wheels or that she won’t hear a car beeping beneath her headphones, you can’t help but admire her carefree approach to cycling. She won’t wear a bicycle helmet but you can be damn sure she’s got a carry basket on the front.

Age - 28

Bike - Dawes Duchess

Interested in - Socialising, music festivals and gigs, pop-up vintage clothing shops

Brands - Apple, Skullcandy, Urban Outfitters, Converse

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