We’re super stoked to announce we are now a fully fledged
Surly Bikes dealer. Surly Bikes finally have a home in East
London and we’re more than pleased that it’s at Bike Shack
We’ve actually been selling them for a short while now, if
this blog post isn’t the first time you’ve heard of us then
you may have seen some Surly bikes already on our social media
or in store. We will be pushing their wide range of cycles
both in store and online, with everything from racy cyclocross
whippets like their Midnight Special, all the way to huge 29+
monsters like the Surly Krampus and even the best bike
trailers in the world, the Bill and Ted Trailers for those who
want to carry more!
Surly Bikes are a brand with strong values and ethos that
guide the way they do business, something that we feel
strongly about here and a big part of the reason we’re so
enthusiastic about supporting Surly Bikes.
We were going to try and put into words what describes Surly
as a brand and communicate their business ethos to you, but
they have already done it pretty well themselves, so have a

“Many have tried — and failed — to define Surly. Contrary to
popular belief, we’re not a bunch of deranged, clown-obsessed,
serial killer wannabes — well, not all of us. We’re not drunk
24/7 and we don’t live in the woods behind our office anymore.
What we are is an assortment of personalities and humanoids
all brought together by one common interest: bike nerdom. We
make serious steel bikes for people who don’t take themselves
too seriously.
We don’t like to talk down to other frame materials. Instead,
we’re adamant that steel is the best material for the kinds of
bikes we design and ride. Our ‘Natch!’ tubesets are designed
by our engineers to match the intended use and loading
characteristics of each individual model. Size-specific
tubesets, Custom butting profiles, proprietary forks, design
details out the wazoo... all these features create the “Surly
Ride” – comfort and compliance – that is consistent across all
Surly bikes.
Surly riders span the range of sizes and shapes while giving
the finger to the principles of pinpoint marketing
demographics. This isn’t some exclusive club. You’re welcome
to join as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin. One
thing Surly riders have in common is a penchant for cutting

through bullshit. You don’t need to wear a uniform or kit to
ride a Surly. Just throw your leg over and go.”

Much like Surly Bikes, we want to make cycling open and
accessible to all, it should be easy, comfortable and most
importantly, FUN! That’s why Surly Bikes fit in perfectly with
how we like to do things at Bike Shack Leyton, they’re an
important brand for cycling culture as a whole and why we’re
proud to be a supporter and East London’s main Surly Dealer!
Come and view/test some of the models in our store, browse the
range on our website and check out the Surly website to see
more of what they’re about and the awesome stuff they make.
Thanks for visiting!

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