Why you need to get on your bike this Cycle to Work Day

If you find yourself on a packed train making your way to work each morning and wonder why you bother, why not dust off your bike this Wednesday and commute on two wheels for National Cycle To Work Day?

Aiming to encourage more people to ditch public transport (take that TFL), Cycle To Work Day hopes to add more cyclists to the 741,000 people who regularly ride their bikes to work in the UK. With a target of inspiring one million commuting cyclists by 2021, Cycle To Work Day needs your help! All you need to do is grab your trusty steed, pump up the tyres and get pedalling this Wednesday.

Here, we present our top five reasons why you need to get on your bike on September 14th.

Save time

If you haven’t already read our blog on the best transportation for commuting, it turns out that travelling by bike is actually quicker than commuting by train, bus or car. While you could spend half an hour under the armpit of a fellow train passenger, travelling by bike ensures that for most of your journey at least, you’re breathing fresh air. The test we conducted showed that, on our route, the journey time was a whole 13 minutes quicker when cycling! Just think, you could use that time for a few extra winks each morning!

Save money

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Cycling is free; it costs you nothing, zero, nada, zilch! Compare that to many commuters who, especially in London, pay upwards of £100 each month and the prospect of cycling to work becomes even more attractive. I mean, think about it. Who wants to pay that amount of money to get to the place where you go to earn money? Imagine all of the extra things you could do each month with the savings!

Save yourself

One of the more compelling arguments for getting on your bike: the benefits of cycling for your health are undeniable. After just a few leisurely bike rides, you’ll find yourself becoming fitter, stronger and quicker every time. According to British Cycling - who know a thing or two about cycling - studies show that regular cyclists enjoy the general health of someone approximately 10 years younger. Not only that, cycling is proven to reduce stress and be kinder on your joints than running and other high-impact aerobic activities too!

Save the environment

There’s a saying: ‘cars run on money and make you fat, whereas bikes run on fat and save you money.’ This covers two of our previous points on money and health, but it’s also true that cars and other forms of public transport are not great for the environment. Rather than polluting fumes, the only emissions you give off while cycling are of the sweaty kind.

You’ll feel pumped and motivated

While this may not necessarily be true for the first few times you cycle, after a while you’ll begin to see the benefits cycling each morning has on your productivity at work. Rather than stumbling into the office bleary-eyed and with coffee breath, arrive feeling pumped and motivated for the day ahead. Getting the blood flowing around your body each morning helps you to wake up, feel fresh and clear your mind - give it a try!

So, there you have it. Our top five reasons why it’s imperative you cycle to work this Wednesday and every other day after that! Ok, maybe not that often but it’d be great to see more commuting cyclists on the roads saving time, money, their health and the environment. For more information about Wednesday’s Cycle To Work Day, visit the site here and get involved!

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